Dear Reader,

This blog comprises some of my own personal interests and musings in life and art…

If you should have a question, please feel free to keep it to yourself…

Do note that a large amount of the works posted here have been found through personal taste and interest. However some may have been scanned from magazines and books I’ve read over the years. Others may be screen captures from my favourite films and a select few have been created by me personally.

I shall ALWAYS try my very best to reference all content back to its respective owner… And would appreciate if you’d do the same.

Unfortunately there are rare occasions when I am unaware of / unable to locate an original source of something posted. Henceforth should you ever find your work on this blog and I haven’t been able to provide you with an appropriate reference or you feel your work is misrepresented, please send me your details.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading, and I hope that you find many of the works curated within deeply inspiring.

Kind regards